Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laura {Resident Profile}

I want you to know the residents like we do. When you come to visit (wink, wink) I want you to feel like you already know these special, wonderful friends of ours. And so now, in no particular order, I present Laura Marie to you! I myself am only a few days into this journey so I will update you on Laura from time to time as I get to know her better.

Laura is precious.

She loves Grease. And not just the movie, but any rendition of Grease that there is. Yesterday she was sporting her large Grease belt buckle, with her very own name engraved in the back. Oh yeah, real nice. You could see it from a mile a way and no one would wear it more proudly than her.

She loves music. She sat in the floor by my feet last night and showed me every single CD that she owns. A few from her collection included Space Jam (wow - blast from the past), The Sound of Music, Mama Mia, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers.

She loves to get right up in your face! If you look at Laura (which I do a lot with great endearment) then she will look back at you and get right in your face with a huge grin. It only leaves you able to reach out and hold her face or pull her closer to hug her.

She is excellent at doing laundry. Really. She puts me to shame. In fact, she taught me a new way to fold my shirts and I was almost so inspired that I was going to take out all our clothes from the dresser and refold them. But...then the bed looked too fabulous. And she is patient and does this simple task with excellence. And that taught me a lot.

She wants you to get the details exactly right. If her friend Amanda tells the story slightly different from how it happened, she will correct it until she is heard and justified.

She likes to dance like a chicken in the van. O.M.G. But I sure did pick up her moves real quick. Keep an eye out for us in McKinney. We are the big white van with the coop full of dancing chicks.

She loves food. A lot. And she is learning that moderation is a good thing. Aren't we all?

And she may enjoy shaving other peoples legs (ahem). Because it is good to have smooth legs, ladies. Don't forget it.

Oh Laura, you already make me laugh so much. Yet your diligence in your chores teaches me much about how to be a great wife to my hubby. I can't wait to fall more in love with you!


Your newest Pink Lady

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