Friday, August 21, 2009

Come Monday

Recently I shared this little story with you and even further back, I shared this one. They are fairly similar and I realize that I use my blog to express my general distaste with change quite often. The truth is that change is almost always good, and yet in spite of knowing this, I almost always resist. But whatever. This is another blog about the most recent change in the life de Courtney.

A little over three years ago, the Lord was gracious enough to have one of my friends, Taylor, call MBF with a recommendation of her friend for one of our internal positions. When I met Kari she was friendly but quiet...very quiet. I just wasn't sure about her, you see. Of course, I had the same feeling about one of my best friends, Callie, years before and we became such fast friends that I should have known that Kari would end up to be one of my besties. Anyway, my friend Kels and I were looking for a third roommate and I subtly threw it out there to Kari and it was almost an instant yes. Little did I know that the Lord was weaving our lives together in a way that only He can. But before I get off track and tell you every little thing about Kari and our friendship, I should let you know that today brought change.

Today was Kari's last day at Mom's Best Friend.

Monday will roll around and there will be no text about traffic being the cause of our tardiness or early morning phone call to laugh about something we heard on the Kidd Kradick show. No more organizing event supplies together, or making sonic runs mid-afternoon, and we won't even have the occasional office arguments because one or both of us got our feelings hurt (the hardship of being best friends and colleagues at times!).

Okay, before I sit here and think about all the things that we have done together, causing me to spin into a depression with crocodile tears and heart palpitations, I should should stop and simply say that I love her. Very much.

Dear Kari, your work at MBF has been unbelievable. Your work ethic and kindness minister to me daily and I respect you more than you know. We have grown so much in the last few years together and as I wrote you earlier today, I look forward to the years to come and the sweet memories that they will hold together. I will thank the Lord forever for His perfect timing of placing you in my life. I pray that our friendship lives, thrives and flourishes way outside the walls of MBF. Good luck to you in your new adventure and I am so proud of you for taking this risk. I pray that Monday morning is filled with new wonder for you and all of God's precious peace. Please know that there will surely be a void in the office and our hearts without you. Okay, I have to stop because the tears, well, they are a comin'. I won't say goodbye, but rather, have a nice vacation. I love you, dear friend.

I wanted to share a few pictures from over the last few years spent with Kare Bear. We have done a lot of life together! Work, love, heartbreak, laughter, tears, the loss of a friend, engagement, marriage, first time skiers, cruise ships, Christmas trees, tennis, roller blades, dinner parties, and so much more. And I will yell it off the rooftop, "HE IS GOOD"!



Thursday, August 13, 2009

V{an} Adventure

**Be sure to pause the music in order to hear the sound on the video. Enjoy our friends! There are a few special shout outs to Coach Matt Shabay and Matt Coker. But you have to listen closely!

Van Adventures, 8/12/09 from courtney causey on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Morning Pillow Talk

Good morning! It's bright and early and I could be sleeping (my only day of the week to) but instead I am surfing the internet. What is wrong with me? I blame my morning distractions on Crystal for posting pictures of my "nephew" Ghirin. I was so excited I wanted to jump out of bed and dance a little. But I didn't. You can check out Matt and Callie's prized possession here. Couldn't you just eat.him.up?

Good news! Great news! Larry is coming home a whole week early! He should be home either tonight or early tomorrow. I have only gotten to talk to him once since he's been in British Colombia but it sounded like he was having a great trip. He spent 9 hours going up a mountain horseback and then back down all day yesterday, but he was loving every know him. I will post a few pictures for you when he gets home.

I took the residents to ride go-carts last night and then we enjoyed a sonic run after. They all did great and even though I still miss my friends back home every weekend, I could not be more blessed to spend my nights with such special friends. They are so good to me.

Okay, well, since I am up before 7:00 maybe I should get out of bed and do one of the seven loads of laundry I have sitting in the floor. I swear, Larry leaves for a week and the house is destroyed...laundry everywhere, dishes to be done, messy bathroom...messy everything! But by tonight the house will be in order, groceries stocked, and smelling divine with candles and food. Larry will think that I never missed a beat while he was away. Shhh...this is our little secret, okay?

Oh, and a very happy 3 month anniversary to us today! I can't even believe how fast the time is going. I love you so much, Larry and you become a greater gift to me every day. Thank you!

Happy weekend, friends!


Get out there and get the stink blown off ya
-Hope Floats