Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laura {Resident Profile}

I want you to know the residents like we do. When you come to visit (wink, wink) I want you to feel like you already know these special, wonderful friends of ours. And so now, in no particular order, I present Laura Marie to you! I myself am only a few days into this journey so I will update you on Laura from time to time as I get to know her better.

Laura is precious.

She loves Grease. And not just the movie, but any rendition of Grease that there is. Yesterday she was sporting her large Grease belt buckle, with her very own name engraved in the back. Oh yeah, real nice. You could see it from a mile a way and no one would wear it more proudly than her.

She loves music. She sat in the floor by my feet last night and showed me every single CD that she owns. A few from her collection included Space Jam (wow - blast from the past), The Sound of Music, Mama Mia, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers.

She loves to get right up in your face! If you look at Laura (which I do a lot with great endearment) then she will look back at you and get right in your face with a huge grin. It only leaves you able to reach out and hold her face or pull her closer to hug her.

She is excellent at doing laundry. Really. She puts me to shame. In fact, she taught me a new way to fold my shirts and I was almost so inspired that I was going to take out all our clothes from the dresser and refold them. But...then the bed looked too fabulous. And she is patient and does this simple task with excellence. And that taught me a lot.

She wants you to get the details exactly right. If her friend Amanda tells the story slightly different from how it happened, she will correct it until she is heard and justified.

She likes to dance like a chicken in the van. O.M.G. But I sure did pick up her moves real quick. Keep an eye out for us in McKinney. We are the big white van with the coop full of dancing chicks.

She loves food. A lot. And she is learning that moderation is a good thing. Aren't we all?

And she may enjoy shaving other peoples legs (ahem). Because it is good to have smooth legs, ladies. Don't forget it.

Oh Laura, you already make me laugh so much. Yet your diligence in your chores teaches me much about how to be a great wife to my hubby. I can't wait to fall more in love with you!


Your newest Pink Lady

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Shaving and Silverado

Well, we had our first day with the residents on Monday and it went great! I can already tell that our time with them is going to be filled with many stories and adventures (i.e. one of residents really, really wanted to shave my legs on Monday!). Laura and Amanda, the two female residents at the moment, and I made dinner for all of us and then we just spent the evening lounging in the family room watching either sports or Disney. I spent the evening observing a lot and just trying to get to know each of their personalities better. I already love them all for so many different reasons. I can't wait to see how my heart grows for them over time. Tonight we take them out for dinner, which I am grateful to not have to make dinner for seven this evening. Who knows, maybe I am going to have five kids on of these days and the Lord's just getting me ready. Oh dear Lord, my knees just got weak.

Yesterday, my mom admitted my precious granny into an assisted living facility called Silverado in Valley Ranch. Two years ago my granny was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she is now at the stage that she can no longer care for herself. The facility is beautiful and the staff is amazing and tender-hearted. But nonetheless, by the time I got home from visiting her and my mom, I was a wreck. Just having to think about her going to bed in an unfamiliar place, waking up disoriented and alone, while also hurting all at the same time for my mom having to leave her there. Poor Larry just held me through the tears. And we are not just talking about a few tears with a smudge of mascara across the face, oh no, we are talking big, shaky, ugly cry. But I sure did feel better after (the wine may have helped too). If you are so inclined, I would love for you to pray for my mom and granny (Helen) during this difficult transition and new life stage. It is one that certainly leaves me yearning for Jesus. His ways are not our own...

Again, I will try to get a few pictures of the residents up soon, as well as our apartment...and wedding...and honeymoon. Well, I just went and overwhelmed myself. So now I may just continue to procrastinate. How do all you good picture takers/posters do it out there? Hmph.

Happy Hump Day.


Shaving my own dang legs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Dark in the Country

Well, the hubs and I are just about settled in McKinney. This Friday it will be three weeks since we moved, but with all of our traveling around the last couple weeks, it is just beginning to feel like home. There are many things that make this place feel new. It's as if we have moved to a new state rather than just a few cities away. Here are just a few of the new things...
  • Lightening Bugs! Oh my goodness! They are everywhere and they make my heart happy because I can only think about going my dad's softball games as a little girl and being encouraged by my mom to chase around the magical insects.
  • Country Wildlife. Luckily I have not had any run ins with anything other than a passing skunk, but I am always on alert for the danger that lurks about on our new, unfamiliar 42-acres. (I know, a little dramatic, right?) But seriously people, I have heard stories about snakes (copperheads!) slithering about on the driveways, bobcats creeping on the roof, coyotes sitings, raccoons making their home in the garage. It's just too much for a city girl! The other day after church they were telling a story about snakes and Larry just grazed my toe with his foot and I jumped so high that my knee hit the table causing everyone's plates to shake about. Oh, and let's not forget that I have a tiny, precious dog that could be snatched up at any moment by an owl, hawk or coyote. Can you even imagine the horror of it? Why are you laughing? This is serious. Very. I am not being irrational. My fears are warranted. Okay, just took some zanax. Heart rate slowly coming down...
  • Cable Television. That's right, this is the first time since 2003 that I have had cable at my place of residence. Larry and I aren't big TV watchers but I am excited to have more than six channels to choose from now.
  • A Garage. Yep, I have my very own place to put my car. I have never had a garage before so I am always a little excited to push the button on the opener.
  • Bullfrog Ribbets. They make funny sounds all night. At first I thought it was some kind of dying, moaning animal in the pasture behind us. But my husband knows a lot about a lot and he informed me that it's just good ol' bullfrogs. Can't you just picture me walking around all nervous like at every new sound? Hopefully this wears off soon.
  • Long Drives. Well, I better just get used to this one because my drive to work is about 45 minutes and the drive to Keller is over an hour. I plan to just stay home. A lot.

That's all I have for now. I can't wait for the residents to get home at the end of this week! D and C have made us feel so very welcome at this point and we feel completely at peace and excited about our decision to be apart of Cornerstone. I will try to get pictures up soon of our new little home. I love it - thank you for the kitchen space! Please come visit us soon - but beware of snakes, bobcats and more - oh my!


Tip Toeing in the Wilderness

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From the Beginning

Posted originally on March 4, 2009

Hello blog world! I sure have missed you.As most of you already know, I am soon to be Mrs. Larry Ray Causey II. Still a crazy thought! Our wedding is May 8th in Healdsburg, CA. Larry and I decided on a small family wedding for many reasons. And we can't wait to share that sacred moment in time with you through pictures and storytelling. We are also planning to have a reception in Texas this summer, but no details have been finalized, so more information to come on that little shindig. I am definitely in the countdown phase of this crazy season. Only 65 days, 9.3 weeks or just a couple months to go...however you prefer to look at it (Ahem...Matt and Geof). I am so excited to step forward and do life with Larry Ray. He proves to be more than I ever deserved over and over again. And it leaves me only able to cry mercy. He is merciful, isn't He?!

Well, enough wedding talk for now. Like I said, most of you already now all that any way. But, Larry and I do have some very exciting news to announce. It's kind of a big deal because this is one of the first decisions that Larry and I were asked to make together as a couple. I know that this is just one of many "first" for him and I. Okay, okay...I am sure that you are sitting on the edge of your seat in suspense, right?

When Larry and I return from our honeymoon we will begin packing (our very, very new home) and heading up to our new home in McKinney. And we are not talking booming city McKinney but rather country, out in the middle of nowhere McKinney. Larry and I have accepted a part-time position at Cornerstone Ranch, which is a group home for special needs residents. Larry volunteered with the staff and several of the residents all through college while at SMU. He was involved in YL Capernanum which is an organization that brings the Good News of Christ to high school kids/adults with disabilities. Early on in our relationship I was privileged enough to join Larry at a couple of events where I was able to engage with these young adults. And my heart melted. All fears that I carried about feeling uncomfortable with special needs just subsided. For the first time I knew that these amazingly transparent people could teach me so much about myself and this God that I only want to love more.

Back in August, Larry and I made our first visit to Cornerstone. I (surprisingly) felt at home. I had such a quiet peace and life felt "slower" there to me. I secretly tucked a prayer inside my heart that one day Larry and I would be more involved in Cornertsone. Little did I now that the Lord would, in His grace, answer that silent prayer. Last month we were asked to consider moving to Cornerstone to work part-time three nights a week with the residents. And over the last month Larry and I have prayed, visited Cornerstone, and talked a lot about the what the gain would be over the loss. And we just keep coming to this place of feeling like the losses presented were worth losing for the chance to engage this opportunity.

So, we will be packing up the new townhome, moving to McKinney, saying goodbye to the convenience of our friends and family, leaving a new church that we love and throwing ourselves into this community called Cornertsone. Did I mention it's

Larry and I will still be keeping our full-time jobs. MBF has been gracious enough to support us in this opportunity and they are providing some flexibility with my schedule. Thank you, Kim and Jim! And Larry will still be able to travel the world with Buck and edit from home. Larry will work one day/week with the residents while I am at MBF and then three nights/week we will help the residents with dinner, evening activities and bed time routine. Really we are there to help provide structure for the residents. They are all pretty self sufficient. I can't wait to be sitting at the dinner table with them, admiring their most perfect faces and listening to their stories!

I would love for you to join us in prayer. We know that many people think you should take your first year of marriage kind of easy and "get to know each other". And Larry and I both desire that deeply. But we also desire to do something together that will bond us in a beautiful way. And I pray that this will happen through serving the precious residents at Cornerstone. Please pray for Larry and I's marriage and that it will be an easy transition, pray that we will be able to balance all that life requires (MBF, Buck, Cornertsone, time with family and friends, marriage, church, etc). Pray that we will find a healthy church in McKinney to attend. And pray for Cornerstone, that we are the right fit for this job, pray for the rest of the staff (by name: David, Cynthia, Doug and Miranda) and the residents (by name: Amanda, Laura, Will, David and Jason). Please just covers us in your sweet words lifted up to heaven.

Lastly, should your heart be moved towards Cornerstone or our efforts there, then please feel free to donate to the ranch by clicking here.

We love you!