Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From the Beginning

Posted originally on March 4, 2009

Hello blog world! I sure have missed you.As most of you already know, I am soon to be Mrs. Larry Ray Causey II. Still a crazy thought! Our wedding is May 8th in Healdsburg, CA. Larry and I decided on a small family wedding for many reasons. And we can't wait to share that sacred moment in time with you through pictures and storytelling. We are also planning to have a reception in Texas this summer, but no details have been finalized, so more information to come on that little shindig. I am definitely in the countdown phase of this crazy season. Only 65 days, 9.3 weeks or just a couple months to go...however you prefer to look at it (Ahem...Matt and Geof). I am so excited to step forward and do life with Larry Ray. He proves to be more than I ever deserved over and over again. And it leaves me only able to cry mercy. He is merciful, isn't He?!

Well, enough wedding talk for now. Like I said, most of you already now all that any way. But, Larry and I do have some very exciting news to announce. It's kind of a big deal because this is one of the first decisions that Larry and I were asked to make together as a couple. I know that this is just one of many "first" for him and I. Okay, okay...I am sure that you are sitting on the edge of your seat in suspense, right?

When Larry and I return from our honeymoon we will begin packing (our very, very new home) and heading up to our new home in McKinney. And we are not talking booming city McKinney but rather country, out in the middle of nowhere McKinney. Larry and I have accepted a part-time position at Cornerstone Ranch, which is a group home for special needs residents. Larry volunteered with the staff and several of the residents all through college while at SMU. He was involved in YL Capernanum which is an organization that brings the Good News of Christ to high school kids/adults with disabilities. Early on in our relationship I was privileged enough to join Larry at a couple of events where I was able to engage with these young adults. And my heart melted. All fears that I carried about feeling uncomfortable with special needs just subsided. For the first time I knew that these amazingly transparent people could teach me so much about myself and this God that I only want to love more.

Back in August, Larry and I made our first visit to Cornerstone. I (surprisingly) felt at home. I had such a quiet peace and life felt "slower" there to me. I secretly tucked a prayer inside my heart that one day Larry and I would be more involved in Cornertsone. Little did I now that the Lord would, in His grace, answer that silent prayer. Last month we were asked to consider moving to Cornerstone to work part-time three nights a week with the residents. And over the last month Larry and I have prayed, visited Cornerstone, and talked a lot about the what the gain would be over the loss. And we just keep coming to this place of feeling like the losses presented were worth losing for the chance to engage this opportunity.

So, we will be packing up the new townhome, moving to McKinney, saying goodbye to the convenience of our friends and family, leaving a new church that we love and throwing ourselves into this community called Cornertsone. Did I mention it's out.in.the.middle.of.nowhere?

Larry and I will still be keeping our full-time jobs. MBF has been gracious enough to support us in this opportunity and they are providing some flexibility with my schedule. Thank you, Kim and Jim! And Larry will still be able to travel the world with Buck and edit from home. Larry will work one day/week with the residents while I am at MBF and then three nights/week we will help the residents with dinner, evening activities and bed time routine. Really we are there to help provide structure for the residents. They are all pretty self sufficient. I can't wait to be sitting at the dinner table with them, admiring their most perfect faces and listening to their stories!

I would love for you to join us in prayer. We know that many people think you should take your first year of marriage kind of easy and "get to know each other". And Larry and I both desire that deeply. But we also desire to do something together that will bond us in a beautiful way. And I pray that this will happen through serving the precious residents at Cornerstone. Please pray for Larry and I's marriage and that it will be an easy transition, pray that we will be able to balance all that life requires (MBF, Buck, Cornertsone, time with family and friends, marriage, church, etc). Pray that we will find a healthy church in McKinney to attend. And pray for Cornerstone, that we are the right fit for this job, pray for the rest of the staff (by name: David, Cynthia, Doug and Miranda) and the residents (by name: Amanda, Laura, Will, David and Jason). Please just covers us in your sweet words lifted up to heaven.

Lastly, should your heart be moved towards Cornerstone or our efforts there, then please feel free to donate to the ranch by clicking here.

We love you!

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