Sunday, May 2, 2010

Off to the Zoo!

On Saturday Larry and the residents met me after class and we headed to the Dallas Zoo.  It was perfect weather and the girls did a great job packing a picnic for us all. After lunch we split up and the girls and I enjoyed every second of our zoo adventure together. Larry and I know that our Saturdays look different than if we had stayed on Abbey Rd., but we would not trade this time for anything. It is such a blessing.  We would covet your prayers though, that Larry and I would be diligent and thoughtful about setting aside time for one another. We did get to enjoy a long bike ride tonight, which was much needed! :)

Here are some pictures from my sweet time with my girls.


  1. Courtney, you are amazing and those girls are beautiful and so blessed to have you in their lives. I cannot wait for us to connect beyond just being classmates and really becoming friends. Thanks for all your encouragement, I gotta believe your house is so full of love and fun with you and your husband. Praying for you two!!

  2. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun. The girls look so sweet and happy in these photos. They must've had a really good time. I need to take a trip to my local zoo. This puts me in the mood! :D