Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mercy & Goodness | Devotion

From Devotional Classics, written by Brother Lawrence from The Practice of the Presence of God.
I imagine myself as the most wretched of all, full of sores and sins, and one who has committed all sorts of crimes against the king. Feeling a deep sorrow, I confess to him all of my sins, I ask forgiveness, and I abandon myself into his hands so that he may do with me what he pleases.
This king, full of mercy and goodness, very far from chastening me, embraces me with love, invites me to feast at his table, serves me with his own hands, and gives me the key to his treasures. He converses with me, and takes delight in me, and treats me as if I were his favorite. This is how I imagine myself from time to time in his holy presence. 

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