Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Did I really write my last post on May 13th?  Wow. I barely have even been online to read any of my favorite bloggers. I am sure missing you guys.  Things have obviously been a little hectic here. Three jobs, a husband in Zimbabwe for 15 days, solo with the residents while the house parents are in Scotland. It has been enough to cause me to collapse into bed every night.

All is well though.  I picked up the husband yesterday which is a glorious gift. He is home for five days and then heads out to Canada for eight days. The residents go home on Saturday for summer break and I will get to enjoy sweet time with family and friends.

I have really been enjoying my time with Freedom Stones. I am learning so much. I will continue to keep you posted on what's going on there, but you can follow F.S. on twitter for regular updates and awesome information on human trafficking.

Much love from our Cornerstone abode,

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