Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's In a Name? | Blog post from Superwife Productions

Here is a post that wrote for SWP on how we decided on the name Superwife Productions. :)

Since we launched Superwife, we've received a number of questions related to it's name. We are often asked, "How did you come up with the name Superwife?" As Larry's wife, this can be a difficult question to answer, as I immediately want to make a disclosure statement assuring people that I am by no means "superwife". So, here is a little story of how SWP came to be.
Larry and I were married in May of 2009. About a month after being married, I noticed that Larry still had me programmed in his phone as Courtney Coker and this just did not seem fitting. So, with batting eyelashes I hinted that an adoring nickname was in order since I was after all his new blushing bride. A couple of weeks later I noticed that he had changed my name to Superwife. Ah, much better, I thought to myself.
Fast forward to October. Larry threw me my very own surprise party and premiered our long-awaited wedding video. At the end of the video, Superwife Productions flashed across the screen, along with the sound effect of a big, wet kiss. [Swoon]. I loved it and it meant something really special to me - and he knew that it would.
Okay, fast forward again. Last year Larry was asked to do a wedding video for his friend Dustin Maddux and his bride-to-be, Heather Cunningham. We were thrilled about the opportunity. As we began to prepare for their wedding, it made sense that we could use Superwife Productions for their big day as well. It was during this time that we were beginning to brainstorm about building Larry's freelance business. As time went on and the business began to take shape, we had many, many discussions about potential business names, but we just kept coming back to Superwife.
And that's it, really. It's just a name, born out a husband wanting to encouraging and spur on his wife with a silly nickname.
But to prove I am no superwife, I will first direct you to Proverbs 31. Nothing will humble a woman quicker than this Proverbial woman. Secondly, I will leave you with a quick top-ten list of some of the things that keep me in superwife-in-training status:
1. I leave mounds and mounds of clothes piled up for weeks at a time, rather than hanging them in their rightful place.
2. Larry does way more dishes than I do.
3. I leave the toothpaste cap off - always.
4. A go to bed at 10p. And I have a night owl husband.
5. I can be a very bad listener, particularly when Hoarders is on.
6. I have been known to be much more temperamental than Larry. Who isn't though?
7. I might do leave hair on the shower wall occasionally.
8. I regard macaroni-and-cheese as a complete meal.
9. I leave a trail of my belongings from the bottom of the stairs on up.
10. I spend a lot of our hard-earned money on coca-cola at Sonic.


  1. I love the name and the cute kiss sound at the end! It was fun watching you play around with it on the airplane! You two seriously are quite creative and I hope this "side" business grows to so much more than you ever imagined! Miss you!


  2. If you ever need another name...SuperSister Productions has a great ring to it as well. Because, you truly are a SUPER sister. Love you!