Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Sir,

It was not a pleasure to meet you today. No, not a pleasure at all. My mom and I were enjoying our Sunday. I am making dinner tonight for my family. We only had to stop at Albertson's so that we could pick up some cream-style corn for my new Corn Chowder recipe. My mom is sweet and dropped me off at the door since it was raining cats and dogs. It was quite unexpected when I opened the door and my purse and its contents went tumbling to the ground.

What I immediately felt was a slight hint of embarrassement for causing a scene in front of the store. But, when you pulled up behind me and began to honk your horn and make obscene gestures at me for not hurrying along, well, I felt anger.

You drove off in a rage before I could come over to the driver's side, whip open the door, and tell you what I really thought. So, I wanted to take that opportunity now. It would go something like this...

What kind of a man would pull up behind a car and see a woman searching frantically for her soggy, wet belongings in the pouring rain and then begin to honk as if it was rightly warranted and as if she did it entirely to irritate you? So entitled.

It appears that you are that kind of man. I also noticed that you were the same gentleman who took up two parking spaces as well. So entitled.

I have a feeling you are the guy that cuts people off, who won't allow others to merge when their lane is clearly ending or that flips someone off if their pace doesn't keep up with yours. You probably don't open doors for little old ladies or say thanks to your servers. I bet after you eat dinner at home you don't help with the dishes, and in fact, probably even leave your mess just scattered on the table. So entitled.

You sir, are a jerk. Your disrespect for women is a shame. Did you know that I married a man who would jump out of his car to help a frantic or troubled woman? In fact, I almost suspect that he would ask the woman to get back into her car so she would not continue to get wet. He would certainly never rush her. He makes me proud and thankful. And he showers me with dignity.

What a disgusting example you are, sir. Maybe you should consider taking your Cub Scouts sticker off of your car because it was certainly difficult for me to recognize any of your youth-based values today.


Wet and flustered


  1. Courtney, I love your blog and hope to catch up with you soon. Love, Leslie

  2. This was my favorite, I can just picture your tiny self flustered...I need to meet a gentleman like your sweet husband :)

  3. ash, you absolutely do. you deserve nothing but the very, very, very, very, very (ok, I'll stop now) best! love you!

  4. Larry would so do that...aww! That stinkin' man, not Larry of course, but the honker!