Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Into the Routine

This week I began my new schedule as a part-timer. I have spent the last five years in household staffing sales and recruiting and about four months ago I let my employers know that I would be making a change. I am currently in graduate school for professional counseling and I am finally nearing the end of my coursework. Can I get an Amen? I am,  however, also in danger of my catalog expiring, causing me to have to take additional classes. I would love to avoid this and so I am doubling up this semester, then I have one more lecture class and lastly my practicum work. The goal: being completed by spring 2001 in order to avoid falling under the new catalog.

Anyway, in order for me to go part-time, Larry and I have and will have to make some financial sacrifices. We will need to eat at home more, shop less, ration the wine and maybe, just maybe put my coveted Tyler candles on the back burner for now.

When we first decided to make this change, we started taking a closer look at our budget. It was very evident that a huge junk of our money was spent on food, particularly restaurants and eating out. Larry and I don't eat out a ton, but I love going out at lunch. And buying sodas or a coffee. In the months ahead, I will definitely be curbing this habit *whimper*. We have rid ourselves of credit card debt and are now working on the remaining balance on my car and our school loans.

A friend of mine recommended when I was explaining to her that we were needing to keep a better eye on our finances. I swear by this website. It has been such a valuable tool for our little family and I know that it will only increase in value as our family grows.

I also really enjoy the advice of the Get Rich Slowly blog. It is full of tips and relative articles. It often puts things in perspective and helps me think more about our goals for the future.

I went to school today to print off some research materials, and I found my mind drifting: where should I stop on the way home to get a drink? Is there a Sonic near by? Home Goods is on my way home...I should just peek in and see if they have anything cute. But I resisted the urges and pointed my Acura straight home without spending an extra penny. Sweet small victory.

I write this blog as somewhat of an introduction into this new season of our lives. It is sure to be a sweet one. I have already been able to spend precious time at home with Larry and help with things around that house that he typically takes the initiative to do while working from home. I am also hoping to find areas where I can help him with his business, as he is taking on more of the financial responsibilities. My hope is to begin frequently writing about money savings tips that are working for us and if you have any to share, I would love it!

If you will, we would covet your prayers for financial wisdom and discipline in both school work and with our time.


  1. First of all... AMEN, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, and a WOO HOO!!

    Secondly, I'm so proud of you... what an awesome goal you and Larry have and such a wonderful example!

    I'm cheering for y'all!!

  2. Thinking of you all in this time!!! We are in a season of tightening the budget and it has made such a difference to eat at home. I tell myself that the more the fridge and pantry are stocked the less we will go out. It also helps that we have a child that has gone to bed by we are also less tempted to go out. Also, think about giving yourself a "budget" for the drinks or splurges so that you can still do it but you just ration it out. Using cash helps alot for that too. Also, when you get discouraged or sad about the new way of living, remind yourself of why and that it is for the long term benefit. Anyways...I really hope that we can get together some Tuesday(s). :) Love you!

  3. I am so excited that you are getting ever closer to your counseling goal! Then you can buy a place in Boerne and I can visit everytime I see Lindsay! Seriously, I am excited for you and eating at home is a HUGE money saver and I even take a sandwich (surprise, surprise) if I am going to be out running errands or takey lunch on days I am at school all day, or keep waters stocked up in the fridge so I am not buying them when I am out, etc. Well, I know you will do great, the fact that you only have school loans and one car payment to pay off is great already! Love you!


  4. What an exciting time in your life! I recommend Dave Ramsey for more ideas and motivation (although it sounds like you are pretty darn motivated :) and I think budgeting for a coffee or drink here and there is a good idea so you don't feel too deprived! I'm going to give a try ~ it sounds awesome!
    On a different note, what are Tyler candles? I've never heard of them and are wondering what they are?
    So glad you are feeling better :)
    ~Jennifer in upstate New York