Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Wedding

Hi everyone,

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did.  Will and David made our Thanksgiving so very special this year. I hope to share more soon. But....

Our wedding video is here!

My sweet husband has been extremely patient in downloading our wedding video to Vimeo. I wish that I could share it with you in one peice but we had to break the video into three segments. Larry did most of the video work (special thanks to Jen and Ken) and he did all of the editing himself.  He did a brillant job and I am so thankful to have this as a lasting reminder of our incredible time spent in California.

Enjoy our special time and we would love your comments!

Part 1 - prewedding fun

California Love part 1 from Larry Ray Causey II on Vimeo.

Part 2 - wedding
California Love part 2 from Larry Ray Causey II on Vimeo.

Part 3 - honeymoon

California Love (The Moon Honey) from Larry Ray Causey II on Vimeo.

P.S. Larry, thank you so, so much for doing this.  I appreciate your patience and love more than you know. I love you, friend.


California Dreamin'

All media was purchased and is being used for personal use to share with family and friends. Acknowledgements are give to: Bottle Shock (2008), Barry Louise Polisar, The Weepies, Tristan Prettyman, Jourdan Burks, Danyew, Shane and Shane, Kari Jobe, Jack Johnson, Phantom Planet, LL Cool J, Tom T. Hall, Deneice Williams, Taylor Swift and C.S. Lewis.


  1. AMAZING videos!! It looks like it was a cherished, magical wedding weekend and honeymoon!

    love you guys!

  2. I LOVED watching the videos....thank you so much for sharing! Larry, you did an amazing job and have an awesome wife too.

  3. Courtney - I am in tears watching your sweet wedding. Those videos are stunning and beautiful and so full of love and joy. You and Larry are so blessed. Love.

  4. Hi Courtney,
    What a great, great memory for you guys!! I am very impressed :) Beautiful videos!

  5. Those were SO great! much would he charge to do something like know...just in case I actually get married some day ;)
    Miss you, neighbors! Good job, Larry!


  6. I loved watching the videos...sister you looked beautiful. When is our trip to Napa Valley again...5 year anniversary?? I cant wait! Love you both!

  7. Court!
    I LOVE it! I finally got a chance to see what you've been bragging about! He's great! Y'all are too cute! Congrats again!

  8. Larry, your talents are amazing! Courtney, your beauty was stunning that week (and always) and I love how magically it is captured here!
    I have aches in my cheeks and tears in my eyes - like I am right back there.
    I love you both and am so excited for the life you are creating together, the Causey's.